Listen to What These Experts Are Saying About Arthur Robinson Jr.

Multi-Millionaire Angelo Robles

Billionaire Jeff

Angela Means: Actress, Stand-up Comedian

Bill Duke: Actor and Film Director

Cherif Medawar:
Real Estate Fund Manager investor & Educator

Mario Fachini: Host of Expert
Authority Effect Show

Hear From International Business Expert Founder & CEO of National Diversified Funding Corporation Gordon Bizar.

Jordan Phillip: Host of the Entrepreneur Spot light Podcast Show

Bert McClure: Expert in Digital Marketing a Professional Speaker President of Incite Digital Marketing

Brian Commette: High End Luxury Sales Yacht Broker Work for the Strong Brand Northrop and Johnson

Rand Brenner: Intellectual Property Expert Founder of Licensing Consulting Group

Michael Franzese: Former Mob Boss of the Colombo Crime Family