Interview With Wayne Palmer

Learn Inside Secrets About Real Estate Exchanging

Wayne Palmer is passionate about relationships and real estate!

From the soil of the family farm as a boy, to his 33 years as an investor, developer and financier, Mr. Palmer has built a worldwide reputation as a master of “Notes” and “Exchanging.” Robert Kiyosaki describes him as having one of the most brilliant and creative minds he has ever encountered and refers to him as “The Wayniac.”

As a member of the Rich Dad Advisory team and co-author of The Real Book of Real Estate, Mr. Palmer shares his genius for using formulas, capital and the principles of exchanging to structure transactions that tap the full power of the property and the people involved.

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What you will learn in this powerful interview:

  • How to structure profitable Real Estate Deals with Real Estate Exchanging
  • You will also learn in this interview about Equity Marketing
  • You will learn how to raise capital and connect with real estate investors at the National Council of Exchangors meeting
  • and much more!

This is a powerful audio interview that you have to listen to over and over again. This powerful audio interview has lots and lots of value. We cover a lot of powerful information that you can implement right away. This interview is going to enrich your life Enjoy.

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Total Running Time: Roughly 1 hour, 10 minutes