Interview With Mark Leonard

Learn Inside Secrets About Franchises

Mark Leonard offers beginners a look at this business opportunity. He has conducted research on tons of franchises and has acquired three major names on the West coast. He has actively participated in the industry, and after selling his franchises, he wrote an informative book to help future franchisees make successful decisions.

Mark says you must clearly understand your motivation in buying a franchise. When choosing a franchise, it is critical that you carefully research the trends affecting the opportunities you are considering, not only at the national and local level, but within your franchisor.

Though you may have your heart set on a specific concept, you have to be sure the public is equally love struck and the franchise concept you are considering is succeeding in the marketplace.

What you will learn in this powerful interview:

  • How to invest in a franchise
  • The difference between a franchise and a franchisor
  • The benefits and deficits of being a franchise owner
  • How much capital is needed to invest in a franchise
  • and much more!

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Total Running Time: Roughly 49 minutes