Interview With Joe Sugarman

Learn Inside Secrets From The Leading Authority on the Subject of Copy Writing

The New York Times calls Joe Sugarman a mail order Maverick.Bottom Line Joe is one of the Countries Greatest Copy Writer of all time.

Success Magazine Called Joe one of the most Successful Direct Marketing Guru of all time.

Joe Sugarman Defied the Experts throughout his Career and Came up with Legendary Successes that Broke many of the Marketing Rules of his Time.

Joe was the First Person to use an 800 number in Full-page Direct Response mail order Advertising.

For Many Years Joe’s Full Page ads appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Virtually Every air line Magazine, major News papers and Millions of his own Catalogs, Selling Everything from Electronic Calculators to Laser Beam Mouse traps. Joe Has Brought Hundreds of innovative Products into the spotlight via Direct marketing and Widely regarded by Direct marketing insiders as one of the most Brilliant Strategists and Copy writers of our time.

Joe Sugarman Also Pioneered a number of Techniques in TV infomercials including the live man on the street product demonstrations that are a staple of the Business today. In Addition to being touted as one of the most Accomplished Direct marketing Expert Alive, this former CIA agent and book Author is also enjoying the spotlight. His Most recent Monster success as chairman of Blue Blocker Corporation, one of the Nations most Successful sunglass Companies,sold on QVC via infomercials, print ads,Catalogs and at retail stores.

What you will learn in this powerful interview:

  • How to prepare yourself before starting to write powerful copy
  • The True Meaning of Marketing
  • How to create irresistible offers to make people buy now
  • You are Also going to learn How to build a story around your product to make it more Marketable
  • and much more!

This is a powerful audio Seminar that you have to listen to over and over again. This powerful audio Seminar has lots and lots of value.We Cover a lot of powerful information that you can implement right away to become a Successful Copy Writer. Enjoy.

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Total Running Time: Roughly 1 hour, 10 minutes