Interview With Ron Legrand

Learn Inside Secrets From the King of Real Estate Investing

Thirty five years old, bankrupt and he didn’t have a clue what he wanted to be when he grew up but Ron knew that it wasn’t fixing cars in the hot Florida sun. Ron attended a free real estate seminar. The instructor got Ron and everybody in the room so excited about real estate and he showed people were buying real estate with no money down or credit.

Ron had to pay $450 and attend the two day training for
a weekend. The instructor told everyone we’ll show you all the secrets about real estate. But Ron had one big problem, actually $450 of them. But Ron was compelled to attend the real estate training he borrowed the money from two friends and he showed up for the seminar.

That decision changed Ron’s life forever his family’s life and their family’s lives for generations to come, not to mention hundreds of thousands of his students and their descendants into the millions.

Fast forward two years later, Ron has amassed 276 units, some single family some apartments, not including some that Ron had sold along the way to live. Ron was a millionaire on paper. Ron had over $1,000,000 in equity two years after starting with no money or credit.

After about seven years into the real estate business Ron has over 400 houses in the late nineties Ron has built a information company the company went public with revenues exceeding $20,000,000 annually from his books, tapes and seminars.

Ron Legrand is a millionaire maker. Ron Legrand backs his advice with 25 years and millions of dollars of hands on experience.

What you will learn in this powerful interview:

  • Ron talks about how to do a 1031 exchange
  • You are also going to learn how to wholesale properties the right way
  • You are also going to learn about REO’S
  • You are also going to learn about real estate are powerful assets and you don’t need credit or money to make money in the real estate industry
  • and much more!

This is a powerful seminar that you have to listen to over and over again.

This audio seminar has lots and lots of value. We cover a lot of powerful information in this interview enjoy.

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Total Running Time: Roughly 1 hour, 10 minutes